WAVE ScleraLensTM

The Ultimate Scleral Lens

WAVE ScleraLensTM is a premium brand of custom Scleral contact lenses designed to provide maximum comfort and excellent visual outcome for your patients. 
Make it a multi-focal Scleral lens design in one simple step!

The 360° alignment!

Measuring the Scleral profile accurately is the first step for designing a perfectly fitting Scleral lens. WAVE connects seamlessly to the OCULUS Pentacam® Cornea Scleral Profile (CSP) report. Accurately measured scleral profile data and HWTW are automatically imported from the Pentacam®. Simply enter the desired lens diameter and apical clearance into WAVE to get your initial Free Form Scleral design, then use WAVE lens modification tools to fine-tune the lens design to your satisfaction.

No Pentacam®? No Problem!

You can also use the WAVE contact lens design software to design a Scleral lens from a corneal topography map. 
In such case, the WAVE software uses extrapolated data to design the Scleral lens. After the initial fit, you can use the WAVE lens modification tools to adjust the design based on your clinical observations. 
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