WAVE CorneaLensTM

Your Patients Deserve the best

WAVE uses the corneal topography data to design a custom contact lens that perfectly follows the unique shape of each patient's cornea. A WAVE CorneaLensTM  is thinner, more comfortable and better centered than a standard rigid gas permeable contact lens.

design Possibilities

You can design a Spherical, Toric, or Free Form Single Vision or Multi-Focal custom contact lens with WAVE. 
Additional possibilities include, front surface prism, aspheric and bi-toric designs, reverse geometry, and even a spherical center with a toric periphery. 
As a WAVE designer you can easily adjust the lens diameter, central lens thickness, edge thickness, optic zone, intermediate curve, landing zone and edge lift.

Challenging Fits? WAVE can help!

WAVE custom contact lenses are the preferred choice by specialty contact lens fitters around the World. 
WAVE auto-design and lens modification tools can help with complicated contact lens fitting challenges and irregular corneas, such as, post-refractive surgery, post corneal transplant, and Keratoconic eyes.
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