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Web Based NightLens OrthoKeratology "Quick" Design

Wave lenses are known for their high level of customization from topography data. But we realize there are many who are new to orthoK that might benefit from a less  expert design solution. The VST "Quick" Design option offers a web based method for new orthoK fitters to hit the ground running. Create lenses without corneal topography input! Just a few mouse clicks and you are ready to order a lens with all the benefits of custom design. "Quick" Design accelerates a new user's understanding of the steps to advanced custom design.

  • Only need K readings and E values
  • Just complete the information in the green shaded area
  • Expert settings for more difficult fits
  • Overnight approved (<5.00D, 1.50 cyl)
  • Certification takes minutes
  • Great for novice fitters
  • Warrantied lenses
  • Learn Wave’s advanced features over time

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