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Training & Certification

Wave Training, Certified Designer Program & Clinical Support


Qualified professionals may request a free evaluation copy of the Wave Contact Lens Design Software for Keratron, Scout and Piccolo  Topographers. The download is a fully functional version of the software without expiration but to order Wave Lenses, you must establish an account. Call 877.393.8676.


Wave requires that all users view a series of no cost instructional video modules (right) to become proficient with the Wave design process and to achieve Wave Certified Designer designation Certified designers receive full clinical support access and preferred insurance rates.


Module-based Video Training on the Web


The instructional modules follow a logical sequential process. In order to achieve full certification, each doctor must successfully design sample lenses for the single vision, toric and multifocal lens design module (the Ortho-K module is optional) using “standard maps” provided as a part of the training course materials.  An Optometrist, skilled in designing Wave contact lenses, evaluates the submitted lens designs to determine whether they are viable.

Video Instruction Series


Step 1: Wave Screen Interface Walk  Through


Video 1 Designing a Single, Toric and Multi-focal Vision Wave Lens


Video 2 Designing a Standard OrthoK Wave Lens


Clinical Support


Clinical support is available to all Certified designers. After dispensing the initial lens, if you have a problem, simply send the design to Wave. One of our OD support team members looks at the design and returns a video consultation with recommended changes n. All of these video consultations are saved (without names of course) to share with the Wave user universe.


Our clinical support goal to solve problems and instruct at the same time.

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