"Wave really is light years ahead of the methods our peers are using. It is apparent when sitting in meetings, listening to the lecturers try to solve fitting issues using a standard fitting set. The Wavers are thinking to themselves, "just set the lens up as a gsym, put the adjustments in the 50% mode, and go for it. Done!!! Wave is a very powerful tool that makes difficult fittings doable."
"3 months in and I am ROCKING! I have successfully washed nearly every Paragon patient into Wave. Now the referrals are coming in."

"I also dispensed my first pair of KC lenses...... AMAZING!!!!!!!"

"my first Wave Ortho-K fit.  She would not have been a Paragon candidate as I needed to move 5 diopters of myopia with flat K readings of 43. This morning she just called me ECSTATIC that she is not wearing any lenses.  I have a boatload of people to fit now.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!